Tact RCS 2.0S Advise needed

I'm toying with the idea of getting a Tact RCS preferably a 2.0 or 2.0S
I want to integrate it to my existing system.
I am currently running a NAD M15 pre/processor , Oppo 93, an multi channel McIntosh Amp.
I'm not sure how I can just use the Room correction feature in my system. I'll be mainly using it for the left main and right main
two channel listening.

Any advise or comments will be appreciated.
The TacT is actually a preamp/EQ/RCS, and as such; trying to feed the output of your NAD into(or through) it would be a problem(especially trying to adjust the gains). There is no way to bypass the preamp section of the 2.0, to utilize JUST the RCS/EQ features. If you are using the digital audio outs on your OPPO, to feed your NAD; you could connect the "front" L/R analog outs, to the TacT. OR- If your are using the OPPO's analog outs to go to your NAD; Use the digital Co-Axial out to the TacT. Then when you want to listen to your tunes; connect your amp to the TacT, instead of the NAD. I've been using a modded TacT 2.2X-aaa for over 5 years, and can't imagine life without it(especially in my present acoustic nightmare of a listening room).