TAD KT88 Redbase Valve's

Hi Guy's

I am going to change the valve's on my Primaluna Evo 400 power amp fromEL34's and fancy trying some KT 88's

Has anyone heard the TAD KT 88 red base valve, or better yet, both the TADs and the GL's, and can offer some comments/comparisons?


Many Thanks



I just purchased some TAD EL34s Red Base from Viva Tubes yesterday off some of the comments found over at Steve Hoffman. Curious to see how they sound. I remember that there was some conversation about the KT 88s - may be worth hopping over there and doing a quick search.

Thanks I will go over there and check out what is been said about them, good luck with your EL34's I have read that a lot of guys seem to like them, I would have gone for the EL34's, but I really fancy trying out the KT88 valve.

Let me know how you get on and what you think of the EL34's as I may well buy some to keep as a spare set.


Are you aware of losing the  EL34 mid/highs that the KT88 will not have?

The KT88 might be more dynamic/have more bass, but the EL34 magic will be gone-not in a bad way, just different.

KT77 will have more bass but retain the EL34 mids/highs.

Longtime PL user here. I have tried all, but use none of the above.