TAD Reference loudspeakers-How good are they?

Just wondering if the TAD Ref 1 and/or TAD Compact Ref 1 are as good as some of the show reviews suggest, although a recent review did mention a slightly "dark" presentation, albeit state of the art sound.

Does anyone know if the implementation of concentric tweeter/mid is superior to that of KEF/Thiel, or perhaps the Berylium constructed drivers and/or crossover sophistication.

I'm thinking about the TAD Compact Ref One as my "final" loudspeaker, as I have a small listening room at 14 x 16; Quite expensive at MSRP of $37K. I would appreciate any and all opinions and experience with the TAD Reference loudspeakers.

Thanks so much!
Thought?...the thought that every TAD speaker i’ve heard sounds bright and fatiguing. Pioneer...midfi dressed up in Zegna.
Melbguy1, if every TAD you've heard sounds bright and fatiguing, you may want to see someone.  Neurologist, audiologist, witch doctor.  Gotta be a hospital or voodoo practitioner somewhere in your village.   Wishing you a speedy recovery and healthy New Year.
Melbguy1 prefers a thick and dark class A sound of his Vitus electronics so understandable why TAD is NOT his cup of tea.