TAD Reference loudspeakers-How good are they?

Just wondering if the TAD Ref 1 and/or TAD Compact Ref 1 are as good as some of the show reviews suggest, although a recent review did mention a slightly "dark" presentation, albeit state of the art sound.

Does anyone know if the implementation of concentric tweeter/mid is superior to that of KEF/Thiel, or perhaps the Berylium constructed drivers and/or crossover sophistication.

I'm thinking about the TAD Compact Ref One as my "final" loudspeaker, as I have a small listening room at 14 x 16; Quite expensive at MSRP of $37K. I would appreciate any and all opinions and experience with the TAD Reference loudspeakers.

Thanks so much!
Thanks....back in my subwoofer days with 7.1 HT + 2-ch hybrid, REL was the king for 2-ch integration. Others came and went and tried to measure up but they fell short for 2-ch. Glad to hear it's still that way!  My last REL was a B1 Britannia which had the best of both worlds very well ironed out (IMHO), typical hi-pass integration off amp mains for 2-ch and equally great LFE input for HT.  I realize other subs in the line had this but the front-firing B1 was my favorite in terms of pleasing both sides of the house...
KNGhifi- you should call me sometime -. We can talk about TAD's and 911's, which we see to both have a penchant for.

@Zephyr, ah I don’t think the accompanying amps, front end or cables were at fault when i auditioned the TAD’s. I’ve auditioned them twice, the last time with D’ag Momentum mono’s & a full DCS Vivaldi stack, and the results were the same as the first audition...I left the room after a few tracks. By then my ears were bleeding. Maybe the TAD's can be made to sound good with tubes and enough room treatments, but at the end of the day they'll always be just souped up Pioneers.

Conversely I haven’t found that to be the case with the Magico S series, especially the S5 Mk2’s which are just amazing paired with Vitus. I find I can listen for hours without fatigue. Despite bcgator’s histrionics, I did say "every TAD speaker i’ve heard sounds bright and fatiguing". To imply my ears are lying to me, or perhaps that i’m lying to either myself or others is ludicrous. To each their own.
melbguy1: Thanks for the response; I am very glad you are happy with your speakers and gear combination. I know a couple guys here who had the 3s and have upgraded to the S5s in the last few months and they are very happy as well. I hear they are awesome speakers from many fans of that company's speakers.  To each their own,....absolutely agree. I'm sure your ears are not lying to you nor are mine here. Perhaps I just got very luckly with baseline of gear, cables, power, etc....that I have as the foundation of the system as my hearing is still exceptional and I'm also very prone to finding the least bit of ear fatigue in a speaker and given the Legacy's I owned in various models for year, I know what a fatigue-less (not a word but you get the point) is.  I'm very glad that I have a combination of gear/etc...that is showing the R1s at their best and I've not heard, even in the first 190 hours, the aspects that you are pointing out.  Have a great new year and enjoy your setup and those great speakers!

From what I have seen the S5 appears to have severe compression issues above 2KHz. So I am not surprised that the TAD (a reference speaker design) would make ones ears bleed if one was used to all that compression (congested laid back treble lacking the ability to convey true dynamics and harshness of horn instruments and percussion). In essence, a reference style loudspeaker is always more likely to sound harsh compared to more popular audiophile style speakers that can be kinder to the sound.