Taking Power Conditioning to the Max?

Obtaining “clean” power has become an obsession of mine, but I believe I have finally reached a degree of cleanliness that makes further tweaking unnecessary for me.

I start with a dedicated 15A circuit which terminates with a Shunyata SR-Z1 AC wall outlet. From that outlet, via a Shunyata Delta NR power cord, the power goes to an ExactPower EP-15A voltage stabilizer. The ExactPower unit partially regenerates the power to ensure it is consistently 120v/60Hz. From the EP-15A, the power flows to a Richard Gray’s Power Company Substation, which is, essentially, a very large (and heavy!) toroidal isolation transformer. This unit not only does a good job of isolating the power from the outside grid but also performs well in eliminating audible line noise; in addition, it provides a reservoir of power available on an instantaneous basis. This Richard Gray unit uses its own proprietary power cord. Leaving the Substation, the power flows again along Shunyata high current power cords into two Shunyata power conditioners – a Denali 6000/s and an original Hydra.

The result of all this power conditioning is, from my usage perspective, abundant electricity which is simply noiseless.

Now many audiophiles might say that using so much conditioning will suck the life out of the music. I was, of course, concerned about that, too; however, I have found these three units to be complementary to each other, and I believe my power cables between them have prevented noise from re-entering my system. (I should add that I use Shunyata or Wireworld power cords from the Denali and Hydra to the various components in my system, and high quality interconnects thereafter.)

I am curious whether others here also employ elaborate setups to deliver the highest quality power to their systems and, if so, how they have configured them.

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The problem with AC line conditioners is, dirty power doesn’t just come from the grid. It comes from everywhere, including the grid, the environment, your own domestic electric wiring, appliances and power outlets, and from your own audio equipment and its cables. For clean power, you have to deal with all those sources. At least.

My advice is, don’t spend more than $4,999 on an actual AC line conditioning unit.
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@steakster Just wanted to say thanks for that perfect description of what happens when power quality goes to pot.  You saved me some time today describing exactly that to a person via email.

Thanks for reporting that plasma TV's are noise generators - I had been wondering if that were true. Useful information based on actual measurements. Thanks again.

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