Tall Tower Speakers for $10-14k

Looking for full-range tower speakers at least 50" tall. Would be great if they have integrated subs to help with the lows. They also need to look really nice (like Canton Reference 1.2 look). Max I am willing to spend is $14k delivered in NYC. Please list any suggestions here. Thanks!
I second the Tyler Acoustics...I own the Tyler Woodmere II's...Very nice workmanship and quality built...plus very kind to the eye and great wife approval, they are very musically pleasing as well...Work both for HT and 2 channel in my setup...Ty does a fab job on these beauties and is willing to build what you need for your specific arrangement...
Revel Studio 2 or Salon 2. Will be difficult to exceed. A couple of great deals on audiogon right now.
The Canton is a good choice but consider, also, the Aerial 7T and Adam Audio Classic Column as alternatives, if you don't mind saving some money.