Talon khorus vs. Nola Viper iia

sonically which of these speakers is better with solid state? what are the strenghts and weaknesses of each?

should i look elswhere on the used market?
I would do a lot of research on the Khorus. From what I recall, there were several iterations on this speaker and some had pretty significant flaws that were discussed by the original designer in published articles - hence so many iterations. I am not pointing this out to you to disuade looking at these speakers, just perhaps something you should be aware of.

Alon (now known as Nola) made some great speakers for many years. I am not 100% clear on the differences between the Alon speakers and the Nola speakers and whether they follow the same tradition.

It seems surprising to me that of the two speaker brands you seem to have it narrowed down to, they both have interesting and somewhat storied company backgrounds. But that may be why both products can be had at what seem like very good prices.
The Khorus is a mess of a speaker. No bass, a muffled and distant midrange. Serious phase issues. Everything sounds like a blanket was thrown over them. Have to be cranked to max to sound good and by then you are deaf.
Funny thing is that there was a reveiw of the Khorus' when they came out, driven by class D amps. The "professional" reviewer gushed all over them and the amps.

Less than a year later both designers reported that the designs of these reviewed products were flawed and hence the poor performance that consumers were reporting. Seems funny the professional reviewed raved about both flawed products - makes one wonder if the "professional reviewers" have any integrity whatsoever or are just plain old deaf.