Talon Raven C vs. Tannoy 15 DMT's

To be driven by 2 Mc7100's in mono (200 watts per channel)..I am waiting for my used Talon Raven C's to arrive and all of a sudden a friend offers me some Tannoy 15DMT's....which I always liked.

Any opinions on what you would chose and why?
Well, I decided on the Talon's but I wont have them until mid january...bummer man!!
Congrats! I have no heard the Tannoy's but I think you will enjoy the Talons. They have an incredible soundstage and are incredibly controlled and powerful.

Enjoy! I hope mine get fixed soon!
I am still working on that. I feel I had an amp issue which ultimately led to the demise of my speakers. I'll let you know when I get a proper diagnosis.

I have JC1's - one side was not working properly. When I swapped to see if it was the amp or speaker, both sides stopped working. I suspect a faulty amp, but my amps have come back from Parasound with a clean bill of health.

This is the second time my amps have been out of commission, so I do suspect the amps and not the speakers. Besides, it is unlikely that both speakers would go out, but considerably more probable that one amp go out. By swapping I allowed the amp to damage the other speaker too. Wonderful.
sorry to hear about your troubles....amps are a lot easier to ship and deal with than speakers...thats for sure!!