Talon Raven C vs. Tannoy 15 DMT's

To be driven by 2 Mc7100's in mono (200 watts per channel)..I am waiting for my used Talon Raven C's to arrive and all of a sudden a friend offers me some Tannoy 15DMT's....which I always liked.

Any opinions on what you would chose and why?
Congrats! I have no heard the Tannoy's but I think you will enjoy the Talons. They have an incredible soundstage and are incredibly controlled and powerful.

Enjoy! I hope mine get fixed soon!
I am still working on that. I feel I had an amp issue which ultimately led to the demise of my speakers. I'll let you know when I get a proper diagnosis.

I have JC1's - one side was not working properly. When I swapped to see if it was the amp or speaker, both sides stopped working. I suspect a faulty amp, but my amps have come back from Parasound with a clean bill of health.

This is the second time my amps have been out of commission, so I do suspect the amps and not the speakers. Besides, it is unlikely that both speakers would go out, but considerably more probable that one amp go out. By swapping I allowed the amp to damage the other speaker too. Wonderful.
sorry to hear about your troubles....amps are a lot easier to ship and deal with than speakers...thats for sure!!
I must say, I have had the Talon Raven C's for a few weeks now, and they arent going anywhere...Honestly, they are much prettier than the DMT's, which my wife appreciates!

For the used price on these Talon's nowadays, they are super no brainers. BTW, just for giggles, I connected a 25 watt tubed receiver to them, and they still sounded great.