Talon Raven's and Bryston 14bsst synergy?

I'd really like to hear some opinions about the possible synergy between the older ravens and the bryston 14bsst. I know there are other combos out there that might work better (sim audio) but I can get a decent deal on the bryston.


I used to run the Raven C's with a Pass X250 & Pass preamp, quite nice. The more current you can feed them the happier you'll be, IMO. Electrocompaniet, Belles, Edge are supposed to be good candidates along with the Sim W5. btw, those are great speakers, enjoy.
Listening to that combo right now and it works very, very well! I understand that the boys @ Talon at one time ( a few years back) voiced their speakers with Rowland amps so they might be a "better" choice but as I have never owned a Rowland amp I cannot confirm what the combo sounds like. I would suspect that things might be more "different" than "better". I would guess that big Sim and Classe amps would also work nicely but I can say that my Talon Raven "C" speakers sound very nice indeed. I also know someone who used a Pass X150 or maybe it was the 250 with his Ravens and he was very happy. Seems although the Ravens appear to be fairly effecient with a SPL rating of over 90 they like current. Obviously the best choice would be to "try before you buy" just to make sure the sound is pleasing to your ears.

Just in the midst of a shoot-out with my incumbent Hovland HP-100 Vs the recently arrived Lamm LL2 Deluxe. Its going to be a scrap...
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