Taming edge from remastered CDs?

It seems a common trait in my system that re-mastered CDs have better resolution and spatial information (e.g., 2003 Rhino "Fragile" by Yes) but seem sort of edgy and a little hard sounding. No such problem w/regular CDs or vinyl. I've been thinking about an equalizer to use for listening to only such recordings. Just tame the upper frequencies a little. Any suggestions? System is Cyber 800SE monoblocks, Consonance Ref 50 Preamp, David Schulte mod'd. Denon 2910, KAB mod'd Technics w/Heed Quasar Phono-pre. Acoustic treatments in use. Again, issue is with a minor segment of the listening I do.
Ghosthouse, I agree with u about the harshness of some remastered cds. Having worked in recording studios, some engineers overemphasize the the highs when trying to get more detail from the old masters. I'm still looking for a solution to play these cds on my system. Maybe a good DAC is the way to go as Swanny76109 suggested.
Many remastered CDs are just louder. If highs are really "redone" to be emphasized and you hear them, then don't listen to the remaster, stick with the old. If a different DAC makes them go away, then it's not a very good DAC is it? At least from the standpoint of reproducing what's on the disc. Before going off the deep end, try a dB level matched blind test between the two versions and see what's what.

Also, room reflections do not help in this regard and it may have nothing to do with a remastered album. Maybe that's where some effort is needed?
In my system, I have found that cleaning the AC takes the harshness away. When "the AC problem" is dealt with the edge comes off those too-bright CDs.
It is often just bad remastering. Many engineers when they do a remaster will re-equalize to try to create more detail. That makes it seem that there is better resolution but really they are most often making the remaster brighter. This brightness can cause the edginess and hardness you are hearing. If it is a minor issue I would not spend a lot of effort or money in trying to fix it