Tannoy GLENAIR 15 vs DALI HELICON 800 MK2 ?

Hello , I am in the middle of upgrading my speakers.Here in Bulgaria there are distributors for almost every company you may think of ,but the in stock items above $5-6K are very rare ,so one have to buy his components virtually in blind... Now I have the opportunity to get Tannoy Glenair 15 which is in stock in one dealer and Dali Helicon 800 MK2 which I should take in blind ,but I read very good reviews for it,and I like the sound of the smaller models.
My system : Sony xa-5es as transport , custom made tube DAC / pre and Krell FPB300 power amp.I listen many styles of music
the tannoy is $2000 cheaper than the dali
Ill appreciate any advise from people who have the chance to compare this speakers
I haven't heard the Glenair, but the Kensington is a great speaker, and I would love to own it. I would vote gor the Glenair
I have not heard the Tannoys but the Dalis are not incoherent. Many of the best speakers available have 3 or 4 different sized cones, domes or ribbons that are integrated into a pleasing whole.

If the Dali distributor has the 400 mkII it should give you an idea of the Dali sound. If you prefer it to the Tannoy, I would consider buying the Dali. If you prefer the sound of the Tannoy Glenair, I would buy that.

Also, the Dali distributor may be able to direct you to someone who owns the Dali Helicon 800 mkII speakers who would be willing to let you listen to them.
Tomcy6: You're absolutely correct. Apologies for being a snob. I'm just so impressed by the 15" Tannoy DC that everything else seems a rung or two lower. But each listener is different.
My good friend has the Glen's and the are great but the just get boring to my ears, I would take the Dali and have heard several.of their offerings over the years. If you go with the Glens tilt the speakers upwards as the stage is too low and dont be shocked if you feel the need to add a super tweeter, a quality set will put you close to price of Dali. Both are good but Dali is a speaker with better sound IMO.
Which of these two very different speakers will sound/match better to the Krell amplifiers is the question.This compatability is important to ultimate sonic sucess.