Tannoy Kensington Se vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M

Just wondering who has had the opportunity to compare these two speakers! My room is about 17 x 13 but is open on the back ( behind my listening area )through a halfwall to a much larger area. I have no local dealers to audition either speaker. I listen primarily to jazz, love female vocals, but do on occasion definately like to crank it up to some fairly high SPL's with a little R&Roll. Speakers would be on the long wall, and amp. pairing would be a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 300. I must confess to liking speakers whose character is warm over analytical! Any help would be appreciated>
The Sonus are gems. Warm, organic, musical, but truthful capturing the emotion of music. I want them.....
I've listened to the Canterbury SE and a 12" PHY driver system both are wonderful with the PHY a bit more natural but doesn't have the bottom end or play as loud as the Canterburys. Try and have a listen to any PHY based speaker, once heard it's hard to listen to a multi driver speaker again.
(dealer disclaimer)
I would go for the SF even if I like the Tannoy better, but I listen a lot to classical music.....the Cremona is more "modern" sounding and will go very well with your amplification!
I agree with Jallen.... Listen to both, but Sonus for me does touch base with what music is all about. I don't think they are the last word in any single parameter...but somehow they do touch my musical sense.
Man, at that price range the dealers must come over and install either of them for couple of days in your home, why dont you call?

SF and Tannoy's arent the same, but both are worth to try out, before you make your mind, cos, you never know what you may like more.