Tannoy Stirlings on the way!

Hi, everybody.  Longtime member, first time caller.

I just ordered up a pair of Tannoy Stirling GR floorstanders, and, frankly, I'm looking for people to rejoice with!

I'm a speakers guy, through and through.  I've got Dynaudios, Focals, B&Ws, Totems, Wharfedales, Klipsches, and even my old Polk 5Bs, the first speakers I ever bought, way back in the '80s.  I wanted to try something very different, and the Prestige line Tannoys really spoke to me.  The coincident drivers, the old-school-ish paper cone, the old-school cabinets and ports.  I'm really looking forward to hearing how they soundstage!

I thought about getting the Turnberrys, but the Stirlings should be just about the perfect size for my [extremely irregular] room.  Especially since I already have a pair of subs.

I'm pretty chuffed.
Hey, thanks, @edunbar. I still like the idea of trying a Zen amp.  I'm just not comfortable doing business with a company that doesn't answer its email.
I believe I mentioned this, may be redundant, but I auditioned the Sterlings with a 20wpc Luxman class A integrated and they sounded beautiful and provided plenty of volume in a room much larger than my 12.5 x 14.5' room.  

I purchased a Line Magnetic 211ai  from a fellow AGer which delivers 16wpc in triode and 32 wpc in ultralinear. Once received I will get back to you regarding this combination. 
Guys, this is a great post! I have Tannoy Canterbury SE's, using aDecware Zen Torii Mk III, 26 wpc, AVA Transcendance 8+ preamp.The tone and detail are magical! I do love power music though, andat 96db efficiency you would think they would perform well in my rather large living room...About 5 years ago I was concerned that maybe the government was going to render tubes too expensive if available at all... I talked to Klaus at Odyssey Audio about a Stratos amp and he said he could bias it intube fashion so I ordered it. He warned me it would take a long time to break in and he was right. With the Ayre break-in cd I would try it every week and hated it! Finally it came to sound like a dance club, and two weeks later it showed me the finesse that I require. 6 months! If I had more patience I probably could have tamed it in 6 weeks...Now Beethoven's Ninth, Tool, TranSiberian Orchestra and Nightwish
come through perfectly, 140 wpc.
Well, the LM211 has plenty of power for the Sterlings in my 12.5' x 14.5' x8.5' room. Used it in both ultralinear and triode mode. Thinking I like the triode mode better. Was listening to jazz. Not knowing the non linear aspect of the volume control on the LM however I have not used it beyond 10 o'clock. 
Loving the additional perspectives!  Sounds like there are some excellent pairings out there.  (Six months break-in might be a bit much for me, though!)

@douger  Hey, thanks!  We've managed to keep it on-topic and not descend into endless debates and bickering, which seems to be a bit rare.  The fact we all seem to love what Tannoy is turning out probably doesn't hurt.

@mesch I'll be interested to hear which mode you prefer as you get more time with the LM211.