Tannoy Turnberry vs Fyne 502SP?

I was planning on picking up a pair of Tannoy Turnberry speakers in the near future, but remembered about Fyne audio. While I'd love to get some of the 700 series speakers, they are just a bit beyond my budget. However, I am curious how the 502SP would stack up vs the Turnberry. Does anyone have any insight? 

They are roughly the same price, with the Turnberry's being slightly more. 


Like Jim Smith, my main stereo speakers are Fyne F703s. Best sound I've had in my home. I've owned a number of more expensive speakers in the past. Weiss DAC, Zesto electronics, SME table.

I own the Fyne F704s and they are remarkable. I have heard great things about the 502SP from owners. Do try and listen for yourself.

@grannyring Circling back to this post to see if there were any updates, I also noticed you are parting with your 704s! I do wish I was in the position to buy at the moment (though, I'm not exactly in pickup vicinity)!

@tennisdoc56 that is good to hear. I've been considering pairing with a NAT HPS amp but had some concerns about whether it would be enough power to drive the fynes (or tannoys, frankly). 

I have the 501SP with the Luxman 550AXII 20WPC class A but 95WPC A/B (so I've been told by the importer) always suspected these had more watts. It drives them really well. I had a 30WPC tube amp and thought that was enough until I hooked up the Luxman. I've heard the 30 WPC Luxman is 125 A/B. By chance is that what you have @tennisdoc56 ?

Esoteric F03. 30 wpc.  Pure class a.  No ab mode.  Large transformer that likely provides peak power when needed.   Crazy expensive markup but when I heard the two together, had to have them.   Tried the luxman with high expectations after a pre Covid Tampa audio show driving magicos.  Heard them in Atlanta with kef blades and Tampa with my Fynes.  Didn’t work for me, lots of positive reports with both luxman and accuphase  with Fyne