Tannoy Westminister VS dc10 Instrument Grande V

looking for a large formal loudspeaker for our fairly large formal den 28x40 12 foot ceiling oak floors the space is open and not cluttered I'm not looking for magico even though they are my neighbors and don't like the looks of the big Wilson's plus they are too $$$ I want something that looks like real wood is very efficient and is 50K or less!

I would add JBL Everests and Cessaro (not sure if its in your budget) to your list.
The JBL does not look formal to me or my partner. We want something with the right aesthetic cohesion for the room and the Tannoy is about perfect looks wise I'm only worried that they will have that "quacky" one driver sound.

The dc10 audio is a little flashy with the two horns but I like how they look just the same and based on their components they must sound pretty damn good though they will not integrate quite as well as the Westminster and are more money, and no one has ever heard them..

I'm still confused!
the Tannoy is about perfect looks wise I'm only worried that they will have that "quacky" one driver sound
While I cannot read into your individual sonic preferences, I think I understand what you're afraid of and can confirm the Wests sound nothing like that.
I lived with a pair years ago and found the sound very good: I enjoyed my BB King as much as I enjoyed symphonic Mahler. The sonic result had vivacity, energy, and dynamic impact. The instruments had sufficient weight ("flesh") and even a full orchestra sounded palpable. A recent model I listened to is better I think (IIRC the old sound!), it is more extended in the upper frequencies and, thereby, more dynamic and "clearer".

WHile I cant readily compare to your La Scala, I know the Klipschorns and IMO the Tannoys are better. BTW, the Klipschorns still an excellent speaker as well...

(BTW, there is a driver within the driver, rather than single driver -- it is actually a sort of two-way.)
Where did you hear about dc10audio?

Both the Westminster and the Grande Voix are formal looking but the sound is quite different. Both speakers use a full range driver one a massive 15"FR only and the other has a 9" FR with a 15" bass unit and a tweeter which means it's 4 ohms the Tannoy is actually 10 ohms?

No one has asked about your equipment collection? are you tube or SS?? If you are using an 8 watt SET I would recommend the Tannoy if high power KT88 KT90 either and if you are using high power SS neither though the dc10 will rock with the right solid state amp it will not rock with the wrong one because they are way too efficient so if the amps first watt is empty so the sound will be.

You must tell us about your gear.

You live in Berkeley? Magico is your neighbor correct? so why are you Berkely (spelling) audio geek? are you Berkeley audio??

I have a wall of new McIntosh which include the solid state mono amps.

I blew my budget here!