Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2

I am looking for interconnect from my pre and power. Would like to ask opinions about these 2 cables.

My system is YG Carmel2, pre is accuphase C2150 and power is accuphase A75.

I am looking to improve the speed and PRAT of my current system. Thank you
Hi,  The muse cable's are smooth and musical,  where the Valhalla can be bright on some system's,  the prat and speed will be a little better with the Valhalla,  however,  the Tara Lab's Evolution zero interconnect's will cream the Valhalla 2 with speed, prat,musicality,  depth of sound stage. 
What interconnect are you currently using and off the top I would say your preamp is the weakest link, I had the 3800/A65 combo for quite awhile with WW Platinum Eclipse 7 cables. Id try a Audio Research Ref 5se or Ref 6 se . Preamps are the heart of any great system and that great A75 u have will tnk u.

+1 Audiolabyrinth
Unfortunately zero evolution is out of my budget. And hard to get Tara labs home demo at my place.

Good point that the preamp is the weak link. I am waiting for successor of 2850 or 3850.
I am using clear beyond XLR now from DAC to pre, and a generic XLR from pre to power. 

I tried WW Platinum Eclipse 8 yesterday. Found it has better clarity than clear beyond. However clear beyond has sweeter mid and vocal.