Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2

I am looking for interconnect from my pre and power. Would like to ask opinions about these 2 cables.

My system is YG Carmel2, pre is accuphase C2150 and power is accuphase A75.

I am looking to improve the speed and PRAT of my current system. Thank you
What interconnect are you currently using and off the top I would say your preamp is the weakest link, I had the 3800/A65 combo for quite awhile with WW Platinum Eclipse 7 cables. Id try a Audio Research Ref 5se or Ref 6 se . Preamps are the heart of any great system and that great A75 u have will tnk u.

+1 Audiolabyrinth
Unfortunately zero evolution is out of my budget. And hard to get Tara labs home demo at my place.

Good point that the preamp is the weak link. I am waiting for successor of 2850 or 3850.
I am using clear beyond XLR now from DAC to pre, and a generic XLR from pre to power. 

I tried WW Platinum Eclipse 8 yesterday. Found it has better clarity than clear beyond. However clear beyond has sweeter mid and vocal.

I have to disagree with audiolabyrinth's post. The original Valhallas can definitely be bright on some systems but not Valhalla 2. I have Valhalla 2 power cords and speaker cables with YG Carmel 2 speakers (which can be very revealing as I'm sure you know) and the Valhalla 2 cables are rich, detailed and warm....the opposite of bright.  

From a June 2016 Stereophile review of Valhalla 2 where Brian Damkroger compared the original to the version 2.

Use and Listening: First Things First
The first step in my review process was to hear how the Valhalla 2 References' sound quality compared with that of the original Valhallas, and to assess if, or how well, Nordost had met their design goals. This turned out to be very easy to do. First, there was no comparison between the two generations. The Valhalla 2s' performance was different enough from and so dramatically better than the original Valhallas' that, if not for the name printed on the cables, I would never have thought they were the same product line from the same company.  It was also obvious that, in terms of meeting their goals, Nordost had hit a home run. My first impressions of the Valhalla 2 References, which remained unchanged throughout my listening, were of how smoothly the music flowed from note to note; of a very natural warmth and tonal richness of the sounds of instruments; and of how solid, dimensional, and tangible images and soundstages seemed. That's where my analysis would begin.

Have you made any decisions as far as cables go?
Ron 17 is 100% correct about the Valhalla 2’s. In my time with the V2’s I found them a bit to the warm side of neutral with outstanding midrange performance. It needs to be used in a neutral system vs a dark/warm one. IMO