Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2

I am looking for interconnect from my pre and power. Would like to ask opinions about these 2 cables.

My system is YG Carmel2, pre is accuphase C2150 and power is accuphase A75.

I am looking to improve the speed and PRAT of my current system. Thank you
I would certainly look at Purist copper cables great sound great company.

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12-25-2019 3:50amHi, The muse cable’s are smooth and musical, where the Valhalla can be bright on some system’s,
My experience with the most recent itteration of Nordost XLR’s is quite different than your description here. I have Tyr 2 XLR’s in my system and I find them to be quite rich tonally and harmonically. Not bright or harsh in the slightest.
Just an update, i am agreeable with the opinions above about Valhalla 2. I like Valhalla 2 sound in my system. I have purchased 2 of the power cord and 1 XLR. In the future, I looking to change the speaker cable too