Taralabs cables

Hi, I wanted to start a new thread for all the owners of Taralabs cables, Enjoy, and cheers.
 Hi a acdvd, The Air forte would be the thinest, The Tara Lab's The 2 is the better choice between the three, each step gives you more resolution, bass, treble detail,  however,  if you pull the trigger on the 2, be sure to get the model with the ground station,  the noise floor is lower with that set-up. 
Hi,  I just bought the Tara Lab's Iconic 2 interconnect's for the wife for Christmas, this cable is 1/8 to RCA connections,  out of the box the bass was lean, vocals decent,  treble and mid-range average,  however,  after  a 12 hr playing time these interconnect's have surprisingly very good vocals and the mid-range and bass is impressive for a cable that is $280.00 for 2 meters, I would dare compare this cable to a whole lot more expensive cable's by any one else, the cable is improving with more playing time, the sound has become huge without exaggeration, most State of the art Tara Lab's cable's take 500 hrs of burn in time, based on the improvement's here with these interconnect's , I suspect they will fully bloom at 100 hrs of play time, we will see what happens,  bottom line here is a good recommendation for a cable in this price range, very impressive indeed, cheers. 

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The iconic 2 interconnect's sound impressive for what they cost, the mid-range is very revealing on drums and vocals sound like they have no business doing this in this price range!
After having the iconic 2 interconnect's for a while,  one thing that is absolutely apparent is this cable is louder than previous cable's of this type that I've used before, this could be from the much improved clarity, the noise floor is substantially lower.