Taralabs cables

Hi, I wanted to start a new thread for all the owners of Taralabs cables, Enjoy, and cheers.
After having the iconic 2 interconnect's for a while,  one thing that is absolutely apparent is this cable is louder than previous cable's of this type that I've used before, this could be from the much improved clarity, the noise floor is substantially lower.

New cables are out from Matthew Bond, founder of Tara Labs. Interesting flat design. Wonder if they will inherit the Tara Labs house sound. At $10k for the GSC 36 that puts it between the Muse and the 0.8 -- big gap between those models -- and at $6k the GSC 18 is at the level of the One CX.

I know this is an old thread and that there have been no posts in years, but I have the opportunity to get a 3 meter pair of Tara Labs RSC Air One Series 2 XLR interconnects. If anyone is still out there, are they any good? Any idea what the retail was on them? Is there anything I should look out for?

Thanks in advance.