TAS Recommended CD Tweak….

In The August issue of The Absolute Sound, RH gives a glowing review of a product from Digital Systems & Solutions – “UltraBit Platinum Optical Impedance Matching Disc Treatment System.” According to RH, he was floored and, “….This wasn’t a subtle difference; there was a wholesale increase in apparent resolution, space, clarity, soundstage dimensions, and vividness.”
Apparently, this is a liquid solution that is applied to CDs and DVDs ($65/bottle).

Regardless of the whole “advertising thing,” I don’t believe someone like RH would put his reputation on the line by giving a bogus review. I wonder what, “This wasn’t a subtle difference…” means to the average person’s ears?

Also, in the same article, RH makes the statement, “…Similarly, it’s incontrovertible that a CD-R burned from a CD sounds better than the original CD.” I did not know this. Have any of you come to the same conclusion?
LOL. Why bother with tweaking CD's when you can build an anti-gravity space ship.

Yes, indeed, there is a patent too

The way I see it your CD player is a rotating mass and therefore you should be able to fly using three or four players and some Duct Tape, of course...
Stereo Dave makes a cleaner, spray,check it out,decent price plus a explanation on website about it,
Impedance matching between what and what exactly? Yeah so the treatment adjusts the optical impedance of the polycarbonate surface of the disc. So what? The disc still has to reflect the light from the source so that it can be detected. Oh, so match the optical impedance between polycarbonate of the disc and the glass of the detector lens? That won't help and it's not about that. Accurate clocking of the data is what makes a real difference and that's not on the disc but in the player.

Sony spent megabux to formulate the new polycarbonate used in Blueray; it is one of the most pure manufactured materials known. The current CD or DVD grade material won't allow use of a 405 nm source, only red lasers will work with this stuff because the material is inferior. So no treatment is going to change the composition-dependent optical impedance characterstics of CD grade polycarbonate via a simple surface treatment. You'd have to change the chemistry of the interior that the light passes through as well. Get out the snakes.

The one thing that does make a real sonic improvement to CD playback is the Audiodesk that trues the spin balance of the disc. Now that's physics.