TAS. The Absolute Sound?

Has it lost its way? 

I just happened on Bob Harleys' Ref System. Does this have relevance?



TAS and Stereophile, as well as many of the online only review sites have reduced themselves to audiophile porn.  Highlighting that which is only attainable by a wealthy few, leaving those of us for whom it is unattainable drooling

I can't speak for TAS, which I don't follow closely, but as for Stereophile, you might be overstating this just a bit.

In the last few years, Stereophile has reviewed the Apple AirPods Pro II, SVS' Prime Pro II speakers, the Naim Muso 2 wireless, the LSA VT-70 integrated amp, Topping's Pre90 preamp, several Schiit components (I recall the Aegir and the Freya +), the Cambridge Audio CXA81, and much more.

Are these "attainable only by a wealthy few"? Nah. Most products I just mentioned are a thousand dollars or less. The AirPods are $249!

The reviews of hyper-expensive audio products probably receive the most online buzz, but I don't think that's something Stereophile controls.

There is nothing wrong with a 6K power cord. I hope he has recovered from this "calling out". 

@jbmac75  "The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and HiFi+ are outstanding sources of information and comparisons."  Yes...how does this $50,000 amp compare to that $60,000 amp.  Very helpful to many of us.  How many times have they reviewed a sub $5000 piece and said "it's good for the money"?  As if to say "Well, if THAT's all you can spend...".  I read TAS, Stereophile, The Sensible Sound, and many others back when they were irregularly published 9" booklets.  Once they started taking ads it was the start of a long slide down into shilldom.