TAS. The Absolute Sound?

Has it lost its way? 

I just happened on Bob Harleys' Ref System. Does this have relevance?


There is nothing wrong with a 6K power cord. I hope he has recovered from this "calling out". 

@jbmac75  "The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and HiFi+ are outstanding sources of information and comparisons."  Yes...how does this $50,000 amp compare to that $60,000 amp.  Very helpful to many of us.  How many times have they reviewed a sub $5000 piece and said "it's good for the money"?  As if to say "Well, if THAT's all you can spend...".  I read TAS, Stereophile, The Sensible Sound, and many others back when they were irregularly published 9" booklets.  Once they started taking ads it was the start of a long slide down into shilldom.

A few years ago JA had a Stereophile editorial in which he noted the income disparity in the world and identified a success strategy for every one else, which was to find a way to service the whims of the uber wealthy and live off the crumbs from their table.  His editorial was tinged with regret, but that does describe the business strategy of Stereophile and TAS.  Every now and then they throw a bone to the great unwashed and review a cheaper item and then point to those relatively rare reviews as a shield against their critics.

  I still read Stereophile because I like the writers, even if I disregard any of their buy suggestions.  TAS, I can’t stomach.  As a reader one has to know whose water the magazine is carrying.  There are so many alternative sources of information that we aren’t living in a censorship.  Each source of information has its own agenda and one should read with the salt shaker handy