Taylor Swift Concert Prices

My brother in law in Rhode Island is significantly unhappy with his spouse and daughter who spent $1K each for a ticked to hear TS at Patriot Place (in a driving rainstorm, to boot).  I also think it is absurd but pointed out to him that most artists these days make the bulk of their revenue off concerts, with the decline in physical media and the very poor payments from streaming.  He was more impressed when I told him that for what they spent one could get a decent surround system that could play concert Blu rays.

  I know of quite a few people who are dissapointed that they can’t spring that kind of dough to either personally attend or be able to buy a ticket for their kids, and others who have spent for TS tickets but who are agonizing about what they are passing up by doing so, like a family vacation, for example.

  Audiophiles make the same types of decisions, but at least the products that we buy are not for one night of music pleasure.  My sister in law would actually have a stroke if her husband were to spend a few grand for a decent system (he wants one, and we have had this discussion through the years).  I would argue that she just handed him ammo for the next skirmish they have.



There are great pickers & singers in almost every nook and cranny in the U.S. Spent your time and money looking for them.

And the rest on a good playback system. No crowded bathrooms. Parking is free and the snacks are at grocery store prices.

What would $8.00 around about 1970 be today corrected for inflation? For that price I got to see Lara Nyro at the Fillmore East for what seemed at the time to be exorbitant New York City prices. I mentioned in a previous post Miles Davis was opening for her at that show so we probably got our moneys worth. Good seats too.

Don’t remember any Fillmore shows that cost any more than that. Don’t imagine any of us hippies back then could have even imagined coming up with a thousand dollars for any ticket. Perhaps if Jimi and Janis were to come back for one more show next week it might be worth springing for at that price.



I agree that the “lower tier” artists need and deserve our support. 
A decent show should cost $100 or less in my book, but I know that’s not the new normal. 
The Stones Exile tour in ‘72 was opened by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, then Stevie Wonder (!), all for a whopping $7.50.



I would not watch Taylor if she was playing in my back yard. But I would pay $5000 to go watch Rory if he were still alive! The price is what ever someone is willing to pay. No one is being forced to go so who cares. A fool and their money!

Here in Texas moderately popular Korean KPop girls group, “Twice” have mid priced tickets at $200 each.  More popular groups like the boys group TxT go for much more.  Both are cycling through my area over the next weeks… both daughters going to Twice….TxT too expensive for them.  So, these are tickets for folks that mostly sing in Korean…. BTW.. lots of great Korean music and much in English..