Taylor Swift Concert Prices

My brother in law in Rhode Island is significantly unhappy with his spouse and daughter who spent $1K each for a ticked to hear TS at Patriot Place (in a driving rainstorm, to boot).  I also think it is absurd but pointed out to him that most artists these days make the bulk of their revenue off concerts, with the decline in physical media and the very poor payments from streaming.  He was more impressed when I told him that for what they spent one could get a decent surround system that could play concert Blu rays.

  I know of quite a few people who are dissapointed that they can’t spring that kind of dough to either personally attend or be able to buy a ticket for their kids, and others who have spent for TS tickets but who are agonizing about what they are passing up by doing so, like a family vacation, for example.

  Audiophiles make the same types of decisions, but at least the products that we buy are not for one night of music pleasure.  My sister in law would actually have a stroke if her husband were to spend a few grand for a decent system (he wants one, and we have had this discussion through the years).  I would argue that she just handed him ammo for the next skirmish they have.



Folks get what they want. If they want to get Taylor Swift tickets all the power to them. If they want to buy stereo equipment they should. How is there a connection between the two? If you want to spend money on material things, great! If you want to spend money on experiences, fantastic! Why do you need ammunition to buy what you want? And it doesn't cost $1,000 per ticket for the concert. There are less expensive tickets. I got four tickets for $1,200 including Ticketmaster fees. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

I just saw Iggy Pop a few weeks back in SF and the tickets were only $120 each. Ticket economics are getting out of hand with some artists. Shoot, Dave Chappelle just had a pop up show and they were only $100 until people found out. People are the worst. 

@jasonbourne71 Her music traditionally appealed to younger audiences who can relate to her lyrics.  I think, like a lot of other bands, she's been able to engage her audience in a way where being a fan becomes part of their identity.  I think other bands have also done that really well (either intentionally or not) and that makes them very loyal.  Also, her music is fundamentally good.

I would not characterize myself as a fan and I'm certainly not in her demographic, but I think her album folklore is excellent.  

She (or her team) has really been able to spin some gold, though.  Like many artists, she didn't own the masters to her earlier albums, and they were sold to someone she didn't like without her getting the opportunity to purchase them.   So she re-recorded those records so she'd get all the money from those versions (and potentially screwing over that guy she didn't like). 

She also was one of the few (the only?) celebrities to question the viability of FTX and refused to endorse them.

Taylor Swift Rejected Crypto Exchange FTX's Sponsorship Offer Over Unregistered Securities Concerns – Featured Bitcoin News

So I think she gets a lot of respect, not only as a pop artist but as a good business person.


With a few exceptions this thread is a text book example of old people talking about young people and passing judgement.


 I agree- “ I would argue that she just handed him ammo for the next skirmish they have.”

The man should have his stereo system.