TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?

On paper the TEAC NT-505 looks very promising. But first hands experience beats everything.
So I want to ask if any of you has had the opportunity to listen to it?

Right now I am auditioning the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 851N NETWORK PLAYER it's good but the scene it set is kind of flat. tonal its very good
I ordered the NT-505 in August and received it two weeks ago, after an extra corona wait I was told. No problems so far. Ethernet playback of my high res files, usb playback (flash drive, also from a hard disk, usb-conneced), and streaming from Tidal - it all works fine. Lumin app also, after getting to know it. I had an Ipad laying around, and controlling the Teac from the Ipad is an unexpected bonus. Sound quality: it is certainly a big step up from my former Squeezebox solution, as it should be. Does it rival my analog rig? No. Or at least, not yet (it may need more burn-in). Today, I noted that it does sound better bypassing the volume control ("fixed 0db", rather than "variable"). More assertive, direct, less ’polite’. My vinyl rips (DSD files) sound closer to the original LPs.
Just in case any of you are having issues connecting to “net” using your NT505, there is an issue with one of the boards in the unit.  My 505 developed this issue within 3 months of buying it.  Really had a hard time getting approval to have it repaired, but finally did.  Now it’s great.  For a while I thought this might be a door stop, but since the factory service center did the repair, it’s excellent,
IMHO, use Adams Electronics in California if you have issues with your unit.
I"m on the fence between an NT-505 and a Cambridge CXN v2. I'll use it for 1-Roon, 2- coax in from CD Transport, 3- Toslink input from TV/DVD player. Can't quite decide. I have a Chord 2Qute in my other system, I tend to like NOS sounding R2R stuff, but also need convenient package (so many boxes!).... Cheers.
Well I can say I own NT-505 and Cambridge Azur 851n (the step above CXN) and the Teac destroys 851n sonically - no contest. Only thing better about the 851nbis the display with artwork (which is damn cool for the 851n price)
I had the Cambridge Azur 851D DAC, which I believe is the same DAC in the 851N. If that is indeed the case, there are better options out there. I owned the 851D for 4 years but never warmed up to it. If your choice is between 851n and NT-505, I say go for the latter.