TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?

On paper the TEAC NT-505 looks very promising. But first hands experience beats everything.
So I want to ask if any of you has had the opportunity to listen to it?

Right now I am auditioning the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 851N NETWORK PLAYER it's good but the scene it set is kind of flat. tonal its very good
I had the Cambridge Azur 851D DAC, which I believe is the same DAC in the 851N. If that is indeed the case, there are better options out there. I owned the 851D for 4 years but never warmed up to it. If your choice is between 851n and NT-505, I say go for the latter.
The price for the NT-505 has dropped.  I saw an ad from Walmart for $1200. The seller is Onkyo. Guessing they are clearing them out for a new model. I hate Walmart but that's a great deal.
I picked up a new NT-505 for $1200 on eBay from the official Onkyo/Teac store, 30-day return policy. I'm demoing it now...