TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?

On paper the TEAC NT-505 looks very promising. But first hands experience beats everything.
So I want to ask if any of you has had the opportunity to listen to it?

Right now I am auditioning the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 851N NETWORK PLAYER it's good but the scene it set is kind of flat. tonal its very good
The price for the NT-505 has dropped.  I saw an ad from Walmart for $1200. The seller is Onkyo. Guessing they are clearing them out for a new model. I hate Walmart but that's a great deal.
I picked up a new NT-505 for $1200 on eBay from the official Onkyo/Teac store, 30-day return policy. I'm demoing it now... 

Anyone try the new Firmware version 1.30?  Took me a few minutes to get the settings back to where I wanted them but it sounded good after I did.  Briefly played around with the 4 sound settings that they added and settled on #3 as it seemed to tighten up the bottom end but I'll have to sit when I have more patience and try them all out again.

Good to see they are still supporting this unit I'd be curious to hear the new ESS version but I'm still really pleased with what the AKM version is doing for me.