Teaming Audio Research pre with Parasound JC5??

I am lucky enough to have an Audio Research Ref 6 pre-amp, but unlucky enough not to have enough cash to twin it with an AR power amp, which in any case may not have control for my speakers, with are B & W 803 D, latest series.  `I was thinking of partnering the pre-amp to a solid state power amp with respectable performance. Would the Parasound JC5   make the grade?  It would meet my budget better than anything from AR, for sure, and seems to have been well received in the few reviews I have read. But any friends here have views on this??  Is it too much a case of prince and pauper??
For the price, maybe a Ref 150 with plenty of hours....... it would also  leave me with about 150w  against 300 or so with the Parasound.  
ginellis1 OP

Don’t discount the JC5 so quick, it is designed by John Curl, in the same league as Nelson Pass. But the JC amp will have current to burn (90 amperes peak) current per channel, thanks to him loving and using BJT transistors.

The B&W 803D’s are said to be similar to drive as the 802’s which both harder than the 801d"s, they are constant in the bass up to 700hz around 3ohms, and have -64 degrees negative phase below 100hz which makes them a fairly evil load for an amp. I couldn’t think of a better amp for the money than the JC5.

Cheers George