Technics 1200 Critic Fremer Praises the newer 1200G

Michael Fremer the critic of older Technics 1200s praises the newer 1200g
@helomech i did actually used Pioneer for a few hrs, it is made like a clone of Technics to make it comfortable for DJs got used to Technics. Pioneer making them primary for deejays like all their gear nowadays (mixers, cdj players etc). They are marketed as a professional turntable for dj use. This is the ONLY reason they are clones of Technics design visually. It’s a tool for professionals, designed to the price tag to make it affordable (and made in china). If someone like the OP already has Technics SL1200mkII there is NO single reason to buy Pioneer! It is pretty easy to re-wire Technics, to replace footers, to buy KAB silicone fluid damper for tonearm or completely replace the stock arm. External power supply also available. Why Pioneer ???

The 1200G is even better than sp10mk2/3 according to specs  

It's hard to imagine than 1200G is better than SP-10mkIII, maybe SP-10R is better or equal, but the 1200G is not Technics reference turntable in the production line, while the SP-10mkIII was the reference for such a long time.  
The 1200G is even better than sp10mk2/3 according to specs  

You might want to read those specs again.  Rumble 78dB vs. 92dB IEC 98A Weighted and W&F 0.025 vs 0.015 WRMS JIS C5521, both in favor of the MK3. 
Is Pioneer really any more of a clone of an old Technics than a new Technics is?

Just because it has a Technics sticker on it does not mean it is a direct descendant of something from the past. I wonder how many engineers that invented the original worked on the latest model? As many as at Pioneer? Visual design rights may be something to talk about on the companies level, but that is another topic. Once it is not an original, everything could be considered a clone. 2018 Honda Civic is a clone of a Mercedes from 1886, or whatever year it was.
We need a Pioneer clone in 2017 because it is $700 vs. the cheapest Technics which is $1700. Many people are happy that 2018 Honda Civic exists as they find 2018 Mercedes a bit expensive. I am not saying that Technics is not somehow better, but there are many other options in both price ranges so we are really comparing them based only on the looks in this thread.

If you change all that chakster mentioned on an older SL 1200, is it still a Technics SL 1200? I guess, platter and dust cover do count, too. I am not saying you should not change it, just a thought of how many parts can you change and still consider an item what it was called initially.

$4000 is quite a bit of money even if you are in the upper 10% of earners, as roberjerman suggested. In fact, it is a hefty price even for a top 1%. We may pretend that it is all fine, but these things, pretty much everything mentioned around this forum, is inconveniently expensive. It is just that some decide that for them it is worth it and there is nothing wrong with it. But $4000 is a lot for an electric motor, metal tube, and a round metal plate.

Actually the Pioneer is not manufactured in Japan. It is a Chinese product from Hanapin built to spec for Pioneer. There is much debate on how close it would come to a genuine SL1200. 

According to the writing on the box it is "designed by Pioneer in Japan Made in China".