Technics 1200 MK2 vs Technics SL-1210GR

Hi everyone,
I’d like to hear opinions from members that upgraded from the original Technics1200 to the new Technics SL-1210GR. Is there a noticeable improvement in performance that justifies the price increase?
"...Not long ago, I would have shared this sentiment, but now that I’ve experienced the GR,  I can confidently assert that there is no belt-drive table anywhere near the price that performs as well, not in any metric..."

A very convincing argument. Maybe I should re-evaluate. Thanx. 
An interesting case can be made for the recent Technics turntables by doing a search for "Marc Phillips Tone Audio Magazine Technics 1200".  Mr. Phillips back in 2006 took it upon himself to demonstrate the obvious poor quality of the ubiquitous Technics 1200 vs the far superior tables made by such as Rega.  To be fair, he did actually buy one and live with it but, at least for me, there was something about his attitude and style of writing that I couldn't get past. He spent a lot of time making his dislike for the table known over a period of years-anyone researching the 1200 will come across at least one of his tirades.. Arguably one the best known Technics bashers. . Guess what he has now for his personal table?  Yep, a Technics 1200G! These are serious turntables that, IMO, compete well against anything near their price today.  If the last time you heard one was 20 years ago, don't be so quick to judge!
I switched from a nice belt drive table (SOTA Cosmos IV) to the 1200G and it was a clear step up in tonal purity (steady speed!) and lower coloration (not that the Cosmos was bad, mind you).  Up to this point, I had been a belt drive proselytizer.
I own the GR along with vintage tables. The GR for the price, can't be beat. So easy to swap out carts. Stable. Always spinning perfectly.