Technics 1200 MK3D

Does anyone know if the Technics 1200 MK3D is any good as being an audiophile grade turntable?  They seem to be a DJ table. What would you pay if you were to buy one?  Someone is selling two with a mixer. could a mixer sound good and hook up to a tube amp?


I have owned all the Technics over the years, Audiophile table? I am asking as its not what most folks on here would consider audiophile. It’s very good to a certain price point as it maintains speed, better suited for MM or medium compliance MC cartridge and the mixer is not something you would use for everyday LP listening.  I am assuming based off of 2 tables and a mixer the seller was doing some sort of DJing with them.  Depending on price would be a good choice for a daily spinner.  

Good luck on your search

Thank you for the responses.  In my haste to find out if this was a decent deal, I did not mention my real interest in this set. 

Is there a way to connect two turntables to a single phono stage?   And without loosing sound quality?  I am still running my entry level Audio Technique AT-LP120USB and did pick up a Lenco L75; still in stock form. I have a Decware ZP3 phono feeding into an integrated Primaluna Dialogue Premium. My initial interest was if the mixer would do this. Though, did feel it, probably, was not a good idea. Then, secondary if the turntables were worth the upgrade from the 120?  The set is, definitely a dj set, as it all comes in a carrying suitcase and probably has had lots of play. 

The 120 isn’t bad, especially after adding a VM540ML cart to it. So, the upgrade would need to be worth it. I don’t think these would be enough. 

The Lenco is another story. Probably, for another post. I wanted to hear it stock to know it’s sound. But, I am ready to move it to the next phase. Where to go, not sure???  Thinking of going to a MC or MI cart, with a different plinth, tonearm, cart, etc. 

"Is there a way to connect two turntables to a single phono stage? And without loosing sound quality?"

You can try an A/B switch. But I think that will degrade the sound quality!


Is there a way to connect two turntables to a single phono stage?

Sure - there are many phono preamps that offer multiple phono inputs, e.g. ARC. I think that typically they’re intended for use with a two-arm turntable, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use the inputs for two separate turntables.