Technics 1200 or Goldring GR-1.2?

I have both of these tables with the Goldring having a Rega RB-250 replacing the stock Rega clone arm with the inferior bearings.

I need to thin the herd and want to hear your opinions on which table would be the one to keep.

As of right now I am preferring the solidity and slam of the Technics but I feel that the Rega is a bit more musical.

I have considered buying the armboard to mount the Rega arm on the Technics. Does anyone have any experience with that?
I've changed out the arm on my 1210MKII. I used a step by step Youtube video for disassembly. Installing the new arm was easy and fast. A fun afternoon project.
I've had both and its so close I would keep the Tech for that lovely torque with a record brush.
I had a top Sansui once(909?) that sounder better than either one.
IMHO the biggest fable in Audio was/is that Jap DD's don't sound good.
For a cheap thrill try a Sony X-5 or 6 .
I'm too indecisive...I'm just going to keep them both and keep saving away until I can make a significant upgrade in the future.

I think that significant upgrade is going to be some sort of idler-wheel drive turntable, either a Lenco or Garrard. I need torque!