Technics 1200G phono recommendations

I plan to purchase a Technics 1200G turntable. Need recommendations for a phono stage. Budget under under 3k, used ok. I do not want to exceed the quality of the turntable, if that makes sense. Would also appreciate recommendations on Ortofon cartridge to match the level of TT. 
Will pair it with Mastersound 845 tube amp and Diapason adamantes III speakers. 

How much difference  does a tube phono make? Is it safe to assume that SS phono will be just as good as tube phono? I'd like to have a totally analog system, including a tube phono, but not sure how much SS phono will take away from analog sound. 
The Luxman EQ-500 sounds fantastic with the Technics 1200G as long as you choose your cartridge wisely. That's exactly what I am running, and it is the best analog rig I have ever had by far, especially with the Van Den Hul Frog Gold cartridge I bought recently. There are an array of cheaper MM cartridges that would work well with the Luxman, but this is the kind of phono stage that will make you want to stretch your budget on your cartridge to get the most out of it. I think several of the Dynavectors would also be a good match.

The Herron and Allnic are also good choices. I've owned the VTPH-2 and the Allnic H-1201 and H-1202. All excellent. The Luxman, however, is a step up from these.
And I'd agree with @waltersalas , I have a Luxman EQ-500 and it's a breathtaking piece of kit. Extremely versatile, quiet, and it just exudes quality in all respects. Mine is paired with an Ortofon Cadenza Black. I don't know why one of the posters above says to avoid Ortofon. I couldn't ask for a better combo.
I also have a Technics 1200G.  My first choice would be a Luxman EQ 500.  I think this would be compatible with the vast majority of cartridges available these days.  Expensive though!  Herron gets a lot of positive comments here, as well.
I’ve used a Parasound JC3jr, Herron, and PS Audio Stellar in that order with my 1200G, with an Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge. 
The Herron sounded best, with the PS Audio an almost dead heat second. I kept the PS Audio pre because I have their BHK preamp, DSD DAC, and BHK250 amp. I’m quite happy with it.