Technics 3200 to Marshall Stanmore

I need some help I have a great old turntable Technics 3200 which used to be connected to simple speakers through
a receiver which was fine.
Now I have a beautiful new Bluetooth Marshall Stanmore speaker and I don't know how to connect it to my old school turntable.
I was told I may need a certain amplifier (to replace the old receiver)  and maybe a Bluetooth dongle/trasmeter.

If any one can break it down for me, prices, where to get and what.
That will be great.
You need a phono preamp between your TT and your all in one Marshall speaker system.  Because a phono stage is the one thing your Marshall doesn't have.  Phono preamps start at around 50 bucks up to 5 figures.

Connect the two RCA leads and ground wire from your TT into the phono preamp inputs and ground terminal.  Then run a pair of RCA leads from the preamp into the analog inputs of your Marshall.  That simple.
Thank you :) 
but I'm looking for a way to connect the TT to the Marshall speaker wirelessly over bluetooth.
Any input on that? :)
Here is a simple Bluetooth transmitter,

however, you cannot connect the turntable to this directly. You still need the phono preamp.

Turntable > Phono Preamp > Transmitter