Technics EPA 100P - Tonearm

Hey all!
I found this forum and think you can help with advice - I came across a tonearm at the flea market which I understand is the better type.
Since I am not at all in need of such a tone arm, I would be grateful if anyone can advise on its history & perhaps a value before a sale? It is in mint condition and comes from a warehouse to a radio station.

Thank you in advance

Fletcher designed his ''Breuer'' (aka Sumiko MDC 800) as an

''universal tonearm''. In contradistinction to  Breuer who refused

to provide his customers with any other counter weight than

the original Fletcher designed 6 counterweights for the MDC 800.

Those are meant for carts from 6 - 20 g . The idea being to get

the counterweight as near as possible to the pivot for each cart.

I never owned a Breuer but well EPA 100 and EPA 100,mk2.

Technics designed an complex counterweight but its weight is

not sufficient for carts of, say, 9 g and above. To put this as

simple as possible EPA 100 is suitable for the MM carts but

not for the MC carts.

I never had any problems with Zyx Airy and later Zyx Premium 4D (with silver base) mounted on my EPA-100 few years ago, replacing stock technics headshell to Zyx Live 18 was an improvement.

I had a short conversation with Micke (the owner of this super rare EPA-100P) and i’ve noticed that professional version of EPA-100 does not come with armlift or even armrest!

Also there is no such thing as dynamic damping inside the counterweight. The finnishing is plain black which is not so attractive as the stock EPA-100. Material is the same titanium nitride (not boron like on mk2 version).

Seems like this is very rare "P" version (indeed) but does it make it better than stock EPA-100 in good condition? I don’t think so.

P.S. I’m looking forward to mount ACOS Lustre GST-801 for MM cartridges. Swapping carts on Reed 3p is not that easy, so i want to get back to detachable headshell options.

Dear chakster, My introduction or context was given as (co)

relation between the cartridge weight and counterweight weight.

The lowest weight by Sumiko 800 is meant for the carts of

+/- 6 g. My assumption was that EPA 100 is not suitable for carts

above 9 g. There are hardly MM carts weighting more than 6 g.

 Your ZYX  is 5 g. As such a kind of an exception among the MC carts.

So there is no contradiction because your ZYX does not satisfy

the mentioned  condition of 9 g .

Dear jpjones 3318, I hate abbreviations for the simple reason that

I can't remember what they mean or refer to. What the hell is an SH-100G1?

Besides you are pretty late because I already sold both my EPA

100 (grin). I sold them because of the reasons mentioned. The

most of my MC carts were impossible to ''balance'' with EPA's



It's an accessory counter weight with an auxiliary weight for the EPA-100.  I believe you can balance an SPU with it, not that I'd take it to that extreme.  I have one, but have yet to use it or compare it to the stock weight.