Technics EPA-250 Cartridge Matching Concerns

Hi, I am awaiting delivery of a Technics SP10 mkII with EPA-250 arm (i.e. EPA500 armbase & EPA-A250 Wand). Documentation states that Effective arm mass: 14g (without cartridge). Separately, I've read that the Technics headshell weighs 7.5g (with option to add 2g or 4g weights when needed). As I study up on this arm and try to narrow my sights for a cartridge purchase a couple of headscratchers are bogging me down. Any insights are appreciated.  

1) For use of resonance calculators does the 14g effective mass include or exclude the 7.5g headshell?  

2) The EPA-250 owners manual includes a little chart showing "Suitable Cartridge Weight & Compliance Relationships". It suggests adding headshell weights w/carts from 3g-6g; No headshell weights with carts 6-8g; and adding the auxilary counterweight for carts weighing 10.5-12.5g. No mention is made of the range 8g-10.5g! Of course, this range fits a number of my cartridge candidates. So what's the best way to adjust for that? Specs show "Cartridge weight range 3,0g – 12,5g".

3) In general, I've read that moderate mass tonearms are good companions for moderate to low compliance cartridges. One of the carts I'm considering is AT ART9, which is rated  18 x 10-6 cm / dyne (@100 Hz),  35 static. Formulas I've read suggest that to convert to 10hz calculations to multiply the 18 by 1.5-2.0. So that would avg. a compliance of 31.5.  The other method suggests halving the static figure, which would lead to compliance of 17.5. Using the first method concludes that with a resonance ~7hz my tonearm is not a good match. The second method yields more favorable results.  What's the real world result more likely to show? I've read all the raves on the ART-9 already, but want to focus on whether or not its compliance is too high to mate with this arm? Would a lighter than the 7.5g headshell help and are their any particular ones that you'd suggest. Most of the headshells I see are heavier.

4) Any EPA-250 users care to share their preferred cartridges on this arm? 


Funnily enough, I had put my A500 up for sale.  Now I am reconsidering. You've really got 15?!

16, but one is a partial I bought for parts to fix two others.  I've two bases as well.  Fantastic system. 
I have a Sl-1200mk2.

Wondering if the EPA-250 can be used without having to change the armboard.