Technics SL-1210G Headshells, Record Weights, and Mats

I just received a new Technics SL-1210G and am really enjoying it with my Pure Fidelity Stratos cartridge.  Does anyone have any favorite record weights, head shells or record mats that they are using with the SL-1200/10G series?  I may also add another cartridge to the setup and swap around.  Any favorites there?  



Michael Fremer tried a few weights and mats when he reviewed the SL1200G and concluded that the weight added a bit more focus to the sound or something like that. Of course he recommended some $600.00 record mat. Way too rich for my blood.  I bought the weight second hand and like it better on my turntable than the very heavy Project Record puck I  tried and filed away. 

My rig:

Hana Umami Red MC Phono Cartridge
DS Audio HS-001 Headshell
Achromat Turntable Mat for 5mm Technics SL-1200-GAE

no record weight 

great turntable listen in good health 



Thanks everyone for the input, some good ideas for me to explore.

@larsman According to the instruction manual on the 1210G, it can take up to a 1kg weight, the one I have borrowed from my other TT is about 760 grams and works well with the Technics.

@stereo5 Thanks for mentioning the lower-weight version made by HRS.  That's one of the things I'm trying to work out, how much weight is optimal.  I've borrowed my 760-gram weight from my Pure Fidelity rig and have wondered is heavier always better?


For anyone interested, I took the plunge on the DS Audio HS-001 Headshell and the Stein Music "The Perfect Interface Carbon Signature TT Mat".  I'll work those in one at a time with my current Pure Fidelity Stratos Cartridge before I look at other carts.  If I decide to keep two cartridges, I may also try to experiment with other headshells, the Yamamoto, AudioSilente, and Oyaide all come to mind.

Thanks again!