Technics SL1000 MK3 (SP10 MK3) performance/value VS modern turntables?

I have a Technics SL1000 MK3 in beautiful condition and in it's lifetime has seen very little use.
I am ready to send it off for complete electronics restoration/upgrade, upgrade the speed control processor module and have the Krebs mods done.  Will cost about $2500.00 to have all this done.

I was wondering how this would compare to what is out there for modern turntables after all the work is done? 
Or, would I be better off selling it, and adding what I was going to spend for the upgrades to a new turntable?
I believe these should sell in untouched condition for at least $5K?  So that would put me in the $7.5K range for a modern table?

For tonearms, I already have:
New, unmounted Moerch DP8
Fidelity Research FR64S, in beautiful condition that I sent off to Ikeda/Japan and they re-wired (better silver wiring, I still have original wires) and completely tore it down and rebuilt/re-lubed.... it's just like a new FR64S.

I think this table would be hard to beat at the $7500.00 price point, but would appreciate others opinion.


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No, TTM is no longer available.  There are at lest two versions, the bright stainless steel one is the one to get.   I don't know dates but imagine it's a 1980s Japan product.

  What did you use for polishing ?
I think we had already discussed it in the past; a simple copper cleaner