Technics SL1210GAE + Accuphase E-480 (AD-50) + ??? (cartridge)

Looking for some great cartridge options for the Technics SL1210GAE (stock) and the Accuphase E-480 with the AD-50 phonostage.  The challenge I see is that many options like the Kiseki Purpleheart seems to want higher loading than the AD-50 is capable of (300ohms, max).  I'm looking to spend up to $4000 for a cartridge that sounds amazing.  Using Magico S5 MkII speakers.

I like authoritative bass, but a really airy midrange and treble that has a clear "ease" to it.  I like my midrange "painted" in front of me instead of coming at me.  I had heard the Purpleheart was great that way, but I'd prefer not to get into separate phonostages for a second system, hence the use of the AD-50.
Dear @tre9901 : Hanna is very good but the Audio Technica ART-9XA is a huge challenge not only to that Hanna but for any top cartridge.:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
@jdal Thank you for the suggestion!  Which headshell are you using?  Did you have to shim for VTA?  Any other setup issues?

@rauliruegas I see there are now two different ART-9 carts.  Is there a reason the XA is best for this setup?

@chakster I have heard of the ART1000, why do you like this cartridge?  Have you used it with technics G/GAE?

@lalitk Curious as to what settings you're using with the AD-50 and Umami Red.  Were there other carts you compared?
ART-1000 is unique design, not a conventional MC, I already mentionad why, this design was invented by Victor in Japan in the 70’s (called Direct Couple type). AT improved and upgraded this design. Read about it, watch Fremer’s video tour at Audio-Technica in Japan. 
I prefer Technics EPA-100 mk2 tonearm over new arm you have on G or GAE series, but it doesn’t matter, with stock arm you can use hundreds of cartridges, no matter what other people are using. Any mid compliance cart is a perfect match! 
I tried over 60 cartridges on various Technics tonearms and turntables. 
No one can tell you what cartridge to use, because you can use so many and this arm is very easy to adjust. Stock headshell is fine, if you want to try different shells you can buy 15 more headshells of different mass to experiment with, no one can tell you what you need as the weight of the shell can change tonearm mass and you have to calculate it according to cartridge weight and cartridge compliance. 


I am using 300ohms settings with Hana Red in AD-50. I have tried 100ohms as well but to my ears 300ohms loading sounded the best. Hana suggested loading is >60ohms. 
The other cart I’ve tried is Hana M (MC) which prompted me to step up to Red.