Technics Sp-10 platter screws

Anyone know a source for a set of SP-10 platter screws?

It depends on the type washer thats with your SP10, I have had a few through here - the current one have a flat on top washer with a bushing part through the platter - it use a M3 x 12MM screw.  I have  had others that have a countersink on top the washer too - they probably don't need to be 12MM long is my guess.   If you want drop me a PM and Ill put 3 of them in the mail to you.

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Hmm. My recently purchased SP10mkII has screws(original I think) but without washers. Should I get washers to put between the screws and the platter?
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Never seen washers on the platter screws for a MKII or MK2A.  Service manual diagrams and parts lists don't call them out, and my NOS MK2A that doesn't have any in the factory sealed hardware bag. 

I've had four of the MK2 come through here and all of them have had washers / bushings under the three screws that hold the platter to the motor. so I don't know what you are talking about - will post pictures on my systems page later today.

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