Technics Sp-10 platter screws

Anyone know a source for a set of SP-10 platter screws?

Peter, Before reading your post, I would have agreed with JP, but the sum total of my personal experience with the Mk2 is equal to 2 samples (one each of a Mk2 and a Mk2A).  Neither had washers under the platter screws, unless you are using the term "washer" to describe the cylindrical unthreaded area just under the head of the screw.  Anyway, I suppose a thin washer could do no harm, either way, so long as the head of the screw does not protrude above the level of the platter surface.

Above a link to my system with a picture of the washers I mention, I've had two different kinds, two of each, two like this and two with a larger screw head where the washer also had a cavity in which the screw head sinks into. In the picture the screw is not the "original" one, the washer is.

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Interesting. The stock screw wouldn't fit in a washer, certainly not that one. 
My impression would be that the screw shown in the photo is definitely not an original.  Photos of the original can be found on the Soundfountain website, or simply by Googling "SP10 Mk2 platter screws".  The screw shown would probably require a washer as it is longer than original and might bottom out in the threaded hole before it achieves its purpose of pulling the platter down against the drive shaft/spindle assembly, without the benefit of a washer.  (I don't know that for sure, but it does seem possible.)
Lewm - Maybe not but I have had two identical ones both with this type washer - bought at different times and from completely different sellers.  I will post a picture tomorrow of the other type I have had come through here of this type I have also had two identical ones. I have asked my customer to send me a picture of it.

The screw is not "original" as stated its just a standard M3 x12MM slotted screw.

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