Technics Turntables...really???

Ok, what am I missing? When I hear Technics turntables, I think Craigslist and DJ tables. What am I missing? 
I hope most here noticed the OP was a "hit and run" artist.  No comments on the replies one way or another.  Not even a thank you for the information offered.  So are they "missing" all the answers?  All this a sure sign of a troll in my view.

Just the same, it did stimulate several interesting replies. ;^)
Yup, as I promoted earlier in the thread, it seemed obvious what the intention was by the OP. I'm hoping for fewer "hot potatoes" thrown into the middle of the room and then run like hell, pop the corn and sit back and watch the pyrotechnics. Reminds me of Trash Can Man in The Stand. The next time I see pawlowski6132 initiate a thread, I will remind members of this one.
There was a legit point though, how the brand has become tarnished by all the hacks and rapper “DJs” that don’t have a clue about why they think they need a pair of SL-1200mk2 turntables to make terrible noise with. Truth is that the esteemed SL-1200mk2 is not even what most morons think it is. Not that it’s a bad turntable, but it is the poor cousin of the SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700mk2 / SL-1800mk2, all of which provided the SL-1200mk2 with its tonearm, motor,  platter and a few other odd bits. The truth is the SL-1200mk2 with its rubber base has nowhere near the isolation of the more sophisticated SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700mk2 / SL-
1800mk2. What is popular opinion, is often misinformation. The cult status of the SL-1200mk2 a good example. 
I was a DJ back in the day at the Peppermint Lounge in NYC.
We had a pair of SL 1200's ( like the rest of the world) and they were bullet proof. They had Stanton 681- EEE carts that could take the riggers of being back cued and the challenging environment of Dance Clubs. The 1200's always worked, never broke down or gave me any problems what so ever. I never listened to them other than at the club either over the house system (lots and lots of Crown amps and I forget what speakers) or headphones in the booth so I can not give you real feedback on how they sound BUT they were (are)  a well made pro-level piece of gear. 

The SL1200mkII becabe a DJ turntable because of the +/- 8% pitch control fader, none of the mentioned models has it.

The poor isolation and bass feedback is the biggest problem of the SL1200mkII when it’s near the very loud soundsystem with powerful subs, but the best solution to get rid of it is Isonoe Footers

But for home use it is not a problem. Without significant upgrade this model is a dark sounding turntable, nothing special. After upgrade it is much better, but nowhere near the finest SP-10mkII (the SL1600 and related models you have mentioned are just a toys compared to the SP-10mkII).

@grossman616 Which Peppermint Lounde, not the original which was opened in the 60’s ?