Technics Turntables...really???

Ok, what am I missing? When I hear Technics turntables, I think Craigslist and DJ tables. What am I missing? 
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I have a SP-10R, and I use the accurate-to-0.01 RPM pitch control every day when I transfer old 78s that were recorded anywhere from 70 to 90 RPM. You can’t do that with other tables. If I need the table to spin at 38.38 RPM when I’m making a half-speed transfer, no other table offers the same level of speed stability, not even the six-figure ones owned by audiophile multimillionares.

Any VPI with an SDS or Sota with its speed servo system can do that. Easy-peasy.

It looks like the VPI doesn't handle 78 RPM. Seems like the Sota does. I hadn't seen that when shopping a few years ago. I guess one of the top-of-the line Sotas might be in the same general league, then, as a SP-10R and what's better is probably a matter of subjectivity. I'm not immediately finding much hard data on Sota measurements. I think personally I tend to prefer direct drive, but I've seen a few belt-drive arguments that are somewhat compelling. As the owner of a SP-10R and highly customized plinth and set of tonearms, I'm not terribly inclined to dig further. The Sota factory is not far from me and seems to have a very good reputation, so I could see them being a good option for a lot of people.