Tekna Sonic Vibration Absorbers Opinions

In a previous thread someone mentioned Tekna Sonic Vibration Absorbers, which are supposed to reduce speaker cabinet resonances. I remember seeing these in the Audio Advisor catalog. Has anyone tried these who can comment on their effectiveness? Will they work if they are mounted on the side of the speaker?(I have a pair of Wharfedale Emerald 93, and the large port on the back does not leave enough room for back mounting.)

Thanks in advance for any info.
Currently, I have five pairs on a pair of floorstanding speakers. Previously, I use them on a pair of bookshelf speakers. In both cases I found them to be very effective. They will work on the sides, but it might be best to put them on both sides for balance. To find the best location, play a recording with low frequency energy and move your hand around the cabinet to find the area(s) of greatest vibration.
I used them on a pair of stand mounted speakers and found them to tighten up the soundstage. I think the minimal investment was worth the improvement.
I found them effective, even on a cheap pair of Radio Shack LX-8 speakers.

The cabinet sucked, but the drivers were an OK 8" bass/mid, and the top mounted Linnaeum design dipole.

MUSH in the middle, boomy bass.

I put the Tekna-Sonic's on, and heard a good difference. Definitely far from magic, but more than a subtle improvement. Bass still a bit boomy, but the midrange mush was greatly reduced.

I'd recommend them if you really think the cabinet is the main cause of the problem. I think they'd be more effective in the back, as the rear wave probably hits the back the hardest. They may work on the sides, but perhaps not as well, and it might be a little ugly.

Good luck.