Tekton 6-10 Subwoofers: The Journey Starts Now!

I had the pleasure of communicating with Mr. Tekton himself, Eric Alexander, last week and am now counting the days until the arrival of my slightly larger, over-powered (500 wpc!) Tekton 6-10 subwoofers!  

Eric was terrific, very patient, and helped me get all the answers I needed before placing  my order.  GREAT customer service.

So, the countdown begins.  :)  I plan on pairing the subs with Martin Logan CLX's, Nearfield Acoustics Model 15's, and the lovely Tune Audio Marvel.  I may slide in a pair of MG 20.7's while I am at it. 

I will share my experiences in this thread.

Happy New Year!


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Still, The Tekton site lists it as 300 Watts, but it does show it is high in efficiency.

6-10 Sub | Tekton Design

My JL-Audio F-113 subs have only one 13.5" woofer, and it is listed at 3000 watts short term.



These were special ordered with larger cabinets and 500 WPC amps. I’m sure their peak output would be quite high.,😇

The subs are very efficient, so should not be an issue. I seek fast, coherent bass, in a large room and this is what Eric recommended.



i’d be interested in your feedback. i saw, per your clx ad elsewhere, that you have these in-house now. there were a pair f/s on another site a while back that were quite tempting, but they were in canada, iirc. and i found your post here, searching "tekton" "6-10" on line...

as it turns out, i’m glad i waited, because i picked up a pair of megawoofered vmps lowboy style larger subwoofers; which i know are excellent - i have an original highboy style pair w/the upgrade megawoofers and they’re great. so now, i have 2 pairs, which are just what the dr ordered for my large listening space. the crazy thing is i got them for $200 for the pair, and i only had to drive 30 minutes e/w to get them!?!

but, i’d still like to hear feedback on your 6/10’s; the pic i saw w/them in your clx ad is the only reason i opened the ad! ;~)

doug s.

Hey Doug!

I'm sorry, but somehow I missed your post last month!

Yes, the Tekton 6-10's are in the house and running in nicely.  The bass is precisely what I'd hoped for: tight, deep, and fast.  Organ music is a "whole body experience" with these things!  I've got them crossover around 65hz with my Pipedreams Model 15's.  The soundstage is ENORMOUS now (large room doesn't hurt on that front!)