Tekton Design Speakers Price Increase

Yeah, it's my first post and in full disclosure, I saw an amp on here I wanted so I signed up and bought it through the classifieds. 

Anywho, looks like prices went up across the board today at the Tekton shop. Glad I got my order in at Tekton before inflation/materials or demand finally pushed the cost up. Anyone else drop some stacks on Tektons just recently?

Honestly, the first time I saw the model I ordered (not sharing until I have my review and comparison with my prior setup complete) I took one shocked look at the arrays and thought "this guy got scammed and bought the worlds ugliest speakers. What an idiot!" Those arrays, lord. But then I auditioned them and ever since I had to build a copy- system and get a pair. I'll share more on my build after the room remodel and setup. 

Back to Tekton, looks like materials are getting pricey (I noticed lumber went way up at the local box store). But how do people feel about the base prices increasing on models marked "sale" and the sale price increasing? Makes me think of the Shane company radio ads that criticize competition who mark up, put on sale and are essentially charging more. With so many blogs and videos praising a set-price synonymous with the name of the speaker build, for example 3k equaled base DI's (not $3,299) I think this will be harmful. Better to note on the home page that supplier pricing has caused a temporary increase, shipping charge, or something of that sort and that's necessary in this case because Tekton's price-point has so integrated with the product that youtubes and reviews have the price in the title or in the image. In fact, those reviews and video stills are on Tekton's website and show a conflict in pricing. 

Get your fire-suits out because Tekton haters will flame. I've never even posted and I'm aware of the Tekton hate group, hoping I can get an unbiased couple of comparisons out there in the future for home mid-fi audio guys who don't care about the technical stuff, just hi value systems for the masses. 

Thanks for being patient with a new poster, I'm not a forums guy.
I have not ran into "Tekton haters" around here yet. I saw a number of "Tekton non-innamorati".
Millercarbon, I agree that the price increase is a good thing. How does talking about a speaker manufacturer and changing prices have nothing to do with audio? Could you help me understand? I'm not second guessing, but you do realize we human beings make mistakes? Or do you believe certain people are infallible? 

Thanks Iwin!  I agree with you 100% that Tekton build materials and numbers were pretty strained and stretched thin requiring an increase. 

It's funny people think I'm griping. It's not an "all or nothing" world. Personally, I like the Tekton sound, value, and industrial cabinets and I'm not a fanboy. Real world discussions are fantastic and opposing views on the matter expand the topic. I noticed Tekton put up a notice on their site about the price increase and cross posted it on FB. It appears Eric wrote it on the 9th and somebody lagged getting it up and live. Anyone who runs a successful business meets the crossroads of increasing prices, hiring, and delegating tasks. I get it. 

The blind defense of Tekton does the brand no good and belies credibility of the person making the statement. I understand when a business is busy, that's why we have web developers and people who answer the phones. I'd be very surprised to see that the Tekton website is designed and updated by one man who also personally crafts all the cabinets, wiring, and finishing.

When I share on something that might hurt Tekton's (or fanboy) credibility, it's better to get it out there and get some positive feedback rather than submit blind defense, otherwise, how can we post honest reviews of products without appearing and acting fanatical or worse, like we have financial interest in the product? 

YEP,you're gonna get the haters piling up..since this is your first post you will also be called a shill..planted by Eric at Tekton...he is known to be quite Nefarious around here.LOL
What does it take to join the Tekton haters club? Are you a hater if you dont spew like millercarbon at the very mention of the name?