Tekton DI monitors

Ok, two weeks ago I recieved my Tekton Double Impact Monitors.
I vacillated for some time reading lots of reviews and blog posts on these large monitors before clicking the "place order" button.
Preceding this purchase by six months was the acquisition of a Peachtree Nova 300 integrated amp. I was running B&W 585's which sounded superb on the Peachtree but were easily overwhelmed by the amps 300 wpc rating and I wanted to hear MORE of what this amazing amp was capable of. I contacted Peachtree and they recommended the Tektons as a great match without breaking the bank. 
I have been doing some critical listening over the last two weeks with select music from a broad range of genres, classic rock, world beat, Sinatra, 80's Techno and baroque classical.
This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Jethro Tull's 50th anniversary production and was reminded of one excellent and dynamic piece "My God" with subtle acoustic guitar, rock flute, piano and electric guitar all in one song. System volume set at 103db peak volume, The DI's didn't miss a beat, dancing through this song with dynamic punch during the crescendo and catching all the subtle nuances during the acoustic section. Thrilling and authoritative but refined and smooth at the same time. Huge soundstage and detail. Great mids and sub-woofer is not really needed unless you want to add a little something below 60hz.
Other selections:
-Gorillaz-Plastic Beach
-Van Morrison-No plan B
-Massive Attack
-Dido -White flag
I don't have any $10,000 speakers to compare them too but I will say that I will not be using Tektons 60day return policy as these are keepers.

I know someone who sold his $3200 Speakers when he heard my impact monitor after couple of months.This Speakers he sold are very good too, but can’t do what the IM does.I respect the speaker company why, I will not mentioned the brand...

Did you buy the standard model or the one with the serial wiring? I could go without the berrilyium tweeters but don't know about the other add-ons. Also, how would these do with home theater?