Tekton Double Impact & Comb Filtering

Like many of you, I have been pondering purchasing these speakers but am very curious about the unusual tweeter array. I asked the smartest speaker person that I know (he is a student of Sean Olive) about the design and below is what he had to say.   

"In theory it could work, but the driver spacing means that the crossover point would need to be very low.
He is using the SB acoustics tweeter which is 72mm in diameter, center to center on the outside opposing drivers is around 5.7 inches, which is about 2400Hz. This means that combing would stop between 1/4 to 1/2 of the wavelength (between 1200-600Hz) is where the outside tweeters should start playing nice with each other.
Since he is not using low enough crossover points he has created a comb filtering monster. Now while it's not the great point source that was promised, it's no worse than most line arrays and the combing will average itself out given enough listening distance.

The MTM spacing on the other hand is ridiculous. Hopefully he is cutting the top end off on one of those midrange drivers to avoid combing."

Looks like Bose is making a comeback, except these new ones are uuuugly!

On the sensitivity numbers,  Tekton is 6 db off the actual sensitivity., and they should be embarrassed by that.  A noisy square box with low budget drivers, what an awful design that they are charging way too much for.
Someone that raves about Totem Rainmakers and is poo pooing on a speaker he has never heard before? that is just plain laughable. Why are the inexperienced so quick to make judgement?
"Why are the inexperienced so quick to make judgement?"

Because they are Immature and Inexperienced.
Jed, who makes Clearwave speakers (I have the Duet 6 monitors) lists his speaker at 85db. When I asked him if they were too inefficient, he told me that they should play at around 87db in room but he felt that he should simply state the tested figure. He went on to say that lots of speaker designers fudge their specs when it comes to efficiency and to not be too concerned about it. In room response is what you should be concerned with.

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